A 35 year reputation of excellence

PM Global Technology Services is a leading technology consulting firm with a firm focus on helping businesses and governments transform their operations and unlock new potential.

Our experience and carefully cultured domain expertise spans several industries including financial services, energy and resources, manufacturing, media and the public sector.

We work closely with our clients and leverage on our global experience and resources to help them enable change that drives business growth by increasing operational efficiency and managing risk. They look to us to apply our deep industry knowledge, technical excellence and global delivery expertise to help them build leadership positions in their markets.

With a heritage built over 35 years, a culture of excellence ingrained in our talent pool, and an ethos that drives us to build a reputation as a trusted and reliable service provider, there is little doubt as to why many organizations rely on us as their long term technology partner of choice.

The PM Global Ethos
Trust and Reliability – our word is our bond and it is as strong as oak

At PM Global, we stand for Trust and Reliability.

  • We recognize that we provide critical IT services to our clients. A privilege that can only be fulfilled through a culture of excellence.
  • We recognize that the 35-year reputation that we protect so intensely was built by professionals who put integrity first, every time.
  • We recognize that our sustained ability to provide trusted advice and always-reliable service is what draws our clients to us, and keeps our relationships stronger than ever.

Trust and Reliability. That is PM Global.

Our People
Behind every successful company are the people that make it outstanding

It is on record that many IT projects fail. Superior architecture and engineering are not the only requirements for success. You need highly motivated, reliable domain experts to realize the full potential of your investment in technology.

When you work with PM Global, you work with a team of experts that will understand every aspect and nuance of your operations. Because our analysts and technologists operate at the top of the learning curve, we can shed new light on how technology can help you reach your profitability, cost reduction and risk mitigation goals.

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